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New Academic Planner Assists Students in Managing School and Life


Up to now, most academic planners have had one charge: to provide a space for students to record assignments. It's time to move over traditional planners and make way for the BOOST Academic Planner - a comprehensive planner that not only allows students to track assignments, but also plan their time after school, set weekly academic and personal goals, reflect on and identify the positives in their life, and keep a running to-do ALL on each weekly spread. 




The talk around executive functioning is all the rage these days, and for good reason. With increased noise in our lives, some students are struggling more than ever to prioritize and execute tasks and organize themselves. Further, while the integration of technology is wonderful in many ways and can often help with executive functioning, there is a need for a "back to basics" approach for many in order to successfully manage life both inside and outside of the classroom.


The BOOST Academic Planner offers a very simple, clean and organized visual snapshot of a student's weekly life. Any daily reminders or goals are written at the very top of each day. Students then have plenty of space to record assignments and due dates for each class. The simple white and black design allows students to color code or highlight if they wish. Under the assignments section are blocks of time from 3:00 to 10:00 PM where students can plan out their time after school, whether is be soccer practice, art club, homework time or simply "chill" time. In the upper right side of the planner students can identify a weekly academic goal (i.e. "take better history notes on the readings") and a weekly personal goal (i.e. "be nicer to my sister").   In the lower left corner, students can keep a running to-do list. Finally, each weekly spread has a designated space for students to identify something good that happened, something they are grateful for and something they are looking forward to.  





But that's not it. The planner also accommodates additional templates like the Test Prep Planner, Homework Manager, Winter Break Planner and Busy Weekend Planner in addition to monthly calendars and a space for students to map out their hopes and dreams for the new school year.



 The BOOST Academic Planner is designed to foster executive functioning skills, responsibility and a well-balanced approach to life.  It utilizes research based strategies to increase productivity, processing, and positivity.  While designed for both middle and high school students, teachers like the planner as well for their own lesson planning and personal life. 


For more information, explore the online store at www.boostplanners.com




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