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Have you ever had that experience where summer suddenly passes you by and you regret not having done certain things?  Whether it's a trip out west or simply enjoying a banana split with your best friend, the key to enjoying every morsel of summer is taking a bit of time to brainstorm some things you would like to do during what always seems to be a  very quick season.

Once you get a list of ideas post it where you see it everyday!  Some of you may opt for a casual approach, taking one day at a time...

Feel in control during finals week by mapping out your exam schedule, planning study sessions and making time for breaks. Click HERE and you will find a Finals Week Planner that you can print for your own use! Make copies and share with friends! 

Good luck on Finals!

You've spent 7 hours at school listening, following directions, taking notes, writing, reading, solving problems, offering your insights, navigating the hallways, being polite to your teachers and peers, organizing your "stuff", and so on...at least that's what you should be doing, right? And you have to do it all over again tomorrow. 

When the final bell rings, shift #2 begins. It's another 7ish hours until bed time.

Some of you go straight home. Others might stay at school for a club or practice. And then suddenly it'...

Back to School Shopping can be a lot easier if  you have a plan. Before embarking on any shopping excursions, take inventory of what is needed. Click here for a free download of a Back to School Shopping Starter List.  

If your children are young, you will obviously be making most of the shopping decisions. However, if your children are in middle school or high school, have them complete the checklist, crossing off items they do not need and writing down their ideas for items they do need. 

Happy Shopping!

It is that time of year again...when the thought of school starts to creep into every crevice of the brain. While some students have breezed through the summer read,  others quickly turn their head each time the book pops into their peripheral...because if you don't see it, it doesn't exist. And while some parents are bummed the lazy days of summer are winding down, most are secretly doing the happy dance because the idea of having STRUCTURE back is oh so seductive. 

In an attempt to help you get your back-to-scho...

Up to now, most academic planners have had one charge: to provide a space for students to record assignments. It's time to move over traditional planners and make way for the BOOST Academic Planner - a comprehensive planner that not only allows students to track assignments, but also plan their time after school, set weekly academic and personal goals, reflect on and identify the positives in their life, and keep a running to-do ALL on each weekly spread. 

The talk around executive functioning is all the rage these days, an...

One of the best things  about a new school year is the chance to start over. Maybe last year did not go so well and you needed the summer to "reset". Or perhaps you were quite satisfied with the previous school year and you are excited to make this one even better! However the year went for you, take time to create a vision for this upcoming year. Studies show that writing down what you want to happen increases the chances of it actually happening! You can simply write a list, draw pictures, or create a web. 

The very...

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